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Welcome to KloudKids

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A child’s brain is like a sponge as it absorbs everything they see around them. They are endlessly curious and keep asking questions like: 

Why? What and How? 

During this period, their vocabulary expands rapidly, and they use all their senses and imagination to explore what interests them.

KloudKids provides a unique learning platform that gives your child the best start. Zero to Five years is the most impressionable age when 85% of brain development occurs. We are committed to lay the foundation for functional skills like problem solving, teamwork, adaptability, and critical thinking that can ultimately lead to more success in a future career.

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Who are we ?

KloudKids is a Preschool with Difference designed for kids of the age between 2 and 5 years. KloudKids provides scientifically planned and fun-filled curriculum that help your child to develop life’s skill and exploring capabilities. KloudKids’ certified and experienced teachers provide personalized learning experiences to every child taking care of their individual needs.


KloudKids complement the curriculum with Step-by-Step Learning Videos accompanied by Learning Kits and Other Fun Activities to help kids practice letters, numbers, colours, shapes and more. 

Our specially designed 'Structured Learning' requires very little support from parents, leaving you free to carry on with your own work. 

Why Kloudkids?

KloudKids provide a specially designed "Online Learning platform with Videos" which helps in developing foundation skills, such as alphabets, vocabulary, math concepts, shapes and colors.​

KloudKids' vision is to make ‘Learning at Home’ not only fun but to ensure the curriculum incorporates best of Montessori and Kindergarten schooling.

Our aim is to contribute to overall development incorporating six areas of learning. 

•    Personal, Emotional, and Social Development
•    Physical Development
•    Creative Development
•    Language and Literacy
•    Mathematics
•    Knowledge and Understanding of the World

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  • Rhymes and Songs

  • Colors and Shapes

  • Alphabet and Numbers

  • Writings

  • Do it Yourself Creativity Sessions

  • Story and Picture Talk

  • Interactive Audio Visuals

  • Dance and Movement

  • Games

  • Virtual Trips and Events

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that smiles.

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