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Welcome to KloudKids in School

At KloudKids, we provide a second home environment for your child with proper hygiene, safety, and security. The classrooms are appropriately air-conditioned, cleaned with soft flooring and cameras. The children are always under the supervision and guidance of highly trained and caring teachers. We take care of the overall development of the child, be it personal, emotional, social, or psychological. We help children to

develop a sense of responsibility, manage their feelings and thoughts, be kind and understanding to grow their confidence.

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The most effective way for your child to learn

Kloudkids a preschool most trusted parenting partner completely enveloped with


Where your child will grow and thrive during their time here. A preschool designed on the fundamental understanding that a child’s brain undergoes extraordinary development in the first six years of life. The focus of the kloudkids Preschool program is to in still independent learning, creative thinking & excellent communication skills to arm children to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

The Kloudkids learning Journey

Kloudkids have four levels of classes with an average of 20-30 children aged two to five years of age. Each level has a tailor-made curriculum, which has been structured around the learning needs of the specific age-group.

Play group

Children learn certain social traits like caring, sharing,

Taking instructions, expressing etc. Children also learn the very basics to identify colors,

letters, shapes & size, pictures of different animals, fruits etc.


Junior Kg


  • Writing of alphabets in capital and small print.

  • Phonetics

  • Recognizing Vowels and Consonants

  • Action words, opposites, complimentary pairs

  • Prepositions, useful words

  • Picture composition to broaden interest, build vocabulary and listening skills.




  • Pre mathematical concepts

  • Introduction from numbers 21 to 50

  • Number identification, number value

  • Number names

  • Positional ordering concept

  • Mathematical skills like observation, reasoning, association

  • Memorisation and cognition.




  • Pre-writing skills

  • Recognition of vowels and consonants

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Children are taught to recognise numbers and alphabets and to read, write, count, and solve puzzles through fun and interactive activities. They also participate in drama, dance, and music contests and shows. Field visits and pretend and play sessions are included in the nursery curriculum to nurture your child’s ability to explore and learn through experiences and real time observations, and not just through books and verbal learning.


  1. Independent thinking

  2. Decision making

  3. Self-control

  4. Planning and completing tasks

  5. Communication skills

  6. Literacy and numeracy skills


We at Kloudkids Preschool encourage  decision making, self-control, numeracy skill building, and planning and completing assigned tasks.

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Senior Kg


  • Writing

  • Alphabets in cursive

  • Picture comprehension

  • Action words, opposites, sight words, preposition

  • Articles, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, complimentary pairs

  • Demonstrative pronouns, adverbs of place

  • One and many

  • Conversational English –framing sentences

  • Reading and writing skills

  • Value education

  • General knowledge




  • Numbers 1 to 100

  • Pre-mathematical concepts

  • Greater than, equal to, less than

  • Single digit addition and subtraction

  • Number names

  • Counting by Tens

  • Days of the week, months of the year

  • Time

  • Word problems

  • Multiplication tables (1-5)




  • Pre-writing skills

  • Vowels and consonants

Our ways. Our method. Our Unique approach!

  • Digital Curriculum
    The Kloudkids curriculum is digitized with high definition digital videos, and interactive application

  • Edu-aids based activities
    Our complete course plan accompanies a host of advanced teaching aids and methods, which provide a overall hands on learning to the child.

  • Role-Play based activities
    Our curriculum includes many role-play activities, that are designed to promote the social and emotional development of the child.

  • Indoor & outdoor activities
    Kloudkids believe in fun based learning. The entire preschool curriculum has been structured to provide extensive indoor and outdoor activities

  • Fully Structured Curriculum
    Well structured & planned curriculum with age appropriate learning. Playway Method, Holistic development of children. Multiple Intelligence model.

  • High Teacher to Child Ratio
    Devoted and experienced teachers & friendly support staff. Optimal teacher student ratio, personalized attention. Observation based assessment.

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