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Welcome to KloudKids at home.

At KloudKids, the online learning program is curated to enable students to learn through play-driven and fun-filled activities. The structured curriculum combines videos with independent learning aids that effectively nurture a child’s natural curiosity and gives an extra edge to their regular school syllabus. KloudKids' online teachers teach in a fun and interactive manner that every child enjoys learning along. 


Kids learn faster when their minds get activated through various productive activities that help them explore the things they see around them. This online learning platform gives parents the flexibility to manage their work and childcare responsibilities while giving their children the freedom to learn at home.

Videos Library

Kloudkids has built extensive video library that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Easily understandable Videos can be played by children on their own.


Live&Interactive Sessions

Kloudkids conducts Live and Interactive sessions by highly trained teachers that can be attended by parent & child on scheduled date and time or on request.  

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Customized video & Kit.

KloudKids provides a customized hybrid kit that incorporates learning material and videos with the best of virtual learning and hands-on experiences. These kits are designed to help them explore their creative and problem-solving skills on their own with negligible supervision. Simple activities — such as counting blocks, tearing papers, games to understand light, sound, and smell can build a foundation for more complex observations and ideas.


Skills Offered



  • Alphabets

  • Numbers

  • Colours

  • Shapes

  • Reading

  • Math

Soft Skills 

  • Social Skills

  • Emotional Skills

  • Motor Skills

  • Rhythmic Skills

  • Communication Skills

Senior  KG.jpg

Senior KG

  • Number 1 to 100

  • Pre-mathematical concepts

  • Greater than, equal to, less than

  • Single digit addition and subtraction

  • Number names

  • Counting by Tens

  • Days of the week, months of the year

  • Time

  • Word problems

  • Multiplication tables (1-5)

Suitable for age group of 4 years to 5 years


Junior KG

Suitable for age group of 5 years to 6 years


  • Writing of alphabets in capital and small print.

  • Phonetics

  • Recognizing vowels and Consonants

  • Action words, opposites, complimentary pairs

  • Preposition of useful words

  • Picture composition to broaden interest, build vocabulary and listening skills


  • Pre Mathematical concepts

  • Introduction from number 21 to 50

  • Number identification number value

  • Number names

  • Writing

  • Alphabets in cursive

  • Picture comprehension

  • Action words, opposites, sight words, preposition

  • Articles, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, complimentary pairs

  • Demonstrative pronouns, adverbs of place

  • One and many

  • Conversational English -framing sentences

  • Reading and writing skills

  • Value education

  • General knowledge



Suitable for age group of 2 years to 4 years

Children learn certain traits like caring, sharing, Taking instructions,expressing etc. Children also learn the very basic to identify colors, letters, shapes & size, picture of different animals, fruits.


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